Frequently asked questions

What is Pawn Stocker?
Pawn Stocker is an ecommerce platform which caters to pawn shops and similar businesses. provides a place where pawn shops can sell their inventory, and the public can get great deals.

Who can buy products on Pawn Stocker?
The general public can buy products on While we do not limit who can purchase products, some products are not available for sale through the website. These products require the buyer to either visit the seller's store, or contact the seller to make purchasing arrangements. Some sellers may not offer any purchasing arrangements besides visiting their physical store.

Who can sell products on Pawn Stocker?
Sellers are required to be businesses. The general public is not allowed to list products for sale.

Are there any fees for purchasing items?
We do not charge the buyers any fees. The purchase price will be based on taxes, shipping costs, and the price of the item itself.

How much does it cost to sell something?
We do not charge sellers to sell items. There are no fees of any kind for using this website. If this changes in the future, you will be notified a reasonable amount of time before the change takes effect.